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Mama Kitty and her family are always in search of unique doggy and kitty treasures. You'll see some of these in the Vintage Doggie shop. Our dog clothes are natural organic or repurposed fabric because helping to keep the earth fruitful and clean is a personal goal of Mama's. And both our Vintage CollectibThis is a picture of Mama Kitty.les and Mama Kitty's dog fashions come with a COMPLIMENTARY Saint Martin de Porres medal for good luck and many blessings. Enjoy the browse.

Meet Mama Kitty. She is in charge of our collection of hand-made one-of-a-kind Dog Clothes. She is the boss and she diligently supervises the sewing and crocheting, keeping track of all the loose ends.......

Mama spends her days sewing original dog clothes in a variety of happy colors and fabrics. On her weekends she searches 2nd hand shops for vintage dog and cat treasures and collectibles. While she sews, she listens to music by Mozart, Neil Young, Ben Harper and Jah Mex. Her favorite foods are salmon and cream. She prefers fresh rain water over tap water. Mama lives in San Clemente, California with her family.