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Where to Find Eco-Friendly Clothes for Your Dog On-Line

Pepper in an eco friendly dog shirt.

We look for wholesome foods for our pets---so why not give their clothing the same kind of attention? Finding eco friendly and organic dog clothes on-line is the subject of this post.

I first did a Google search and looked for some really good websites offering dog clothes that are organic or natural fabrics, as well as garments made from repurposed or up-cycled materials. Here are my top three.

1) Eco-Pup Dog Clothing

This shop offers a full line of organic cotton, bamboo, hemp & recycled PET fleece dog shirts, jackets and dresses. The clothes are well made and as soft as baby clothes. I heartily recommend this site. They are Canadian and most garments are made in Canada.

2) Baxter Boo

This doggie site offers a section of eco friendly dog clothes, and they even have some  hoodies for cats! It's fun to see things for cats--unusual. They offer fluorocarbon-free and recycled materials. 

3) Sassy Pup

This shop features "Eco Friendly Green Dog Products," and dog clothing made with organic cotton. They also carry doggie "luxury" accessories and eco friendly dog beds.

In addition to these shops there are many great vendors on These are small shops and crafters, and you can find unique and fun dog clothes. I hope this is helpful. Have fun shopping!